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S’pore among 25 govts using spy software: researchers

Yahoo! Newsroom
By | Yahoo! Newsroom – 7 hours ago
  • A map of the countries that were identified by security researchers to be running FinSpy, an invasive spyware, on its servers. <a href=Click here to see a larger version. (Graphic from Citizen Lab)" title="A map of the countries that were identified by security researchers to be running FinSpy, an invasive spyware, on its servers. (Graphic from Citizen Lab)" height="349" width="630">

    A map of the countries that were identified by security researchers to be running FinSpy, an invasive spyware, on its servers. more

BryteWerks Model One

BryteWerks Model One combines projector in a media center PC

Wrik Sen / Jan 20 2012

When we now look back at products like the Sony VPL VW 1000 ES and the SIM2 Crystal series projector, we find that they were high gadgetry with specialized functionality. Now, the technology world is looking in the direction integration of different functions, i.e. combining different tasking capability on to a common platform. This is what precisely the Bryte Werks Model one projector is going to be. Along with being a high-end projector device, it combines a number of functions associated with a hi-tech PC. That’s that’s called being Two-In-One (or may be more).

Luxurious Mirrorless camera 'Lunar'

Hasselblad plans to launch $6,500 Italian-designed luxurious Mirrorless camera 'Lunar'

Karanvir Singh / Sep 18 2012

Embracing traditional Hasselblad state-of-the-art image capture combined with artistically stunning Italian design features, here’s the small mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera, the ‘Lunar’ from the house of Hasselblad, the noted manufacturer of world’s most advanced medium format camera system. Described to be a celebration of the passion that company’s founder Victor Hasselblad had for photography, Lunar has been developed in the traditional way, using handcrafted wooden prototypes ensuring superior ergonomics and high-end functionality. Notably, Lunar can be used in fully manual and fully automatic mode, and has been designed to be versatile and easy to use, but with all the advanced technology employed in finest DSLRs. Also, we have earlier seen some of the finest Hasselblad's cameras including the H3D II digital SLR, the Hasselblad H4D Ferrari Limited Edition camera, and the 200-megapixel H4D-200MS camera, which is one of the world's most expensive cameras.

UPDATE: The Lunar camera by Hasselblad made its impressive debut at the Ski Dream Home, the ski-in/ski-out chalet at Deer Valley Resort in Park City which recently got listed for $21.9 million

Sony projector

Sony projector VPL-VW 1000 ES launched at $25,000

Wrik Sen / Sep 12 2011

Sony seems to have upped its ante to provide the best in audio-visual equipment. In the segment of electronic video projectors, Sony now offers the VPL- VW 1000 ES model which gives a 4K resolution (4096 x 2160), that is incidentally 4 times higher than the Full High-Definition we now know. Even at such a rich and high resolution, the image size can go up to 200-inch without being distorted or pixelated.

Professional Microbrewery

$45,000 Professional Microbrewery is for brewing your own beer

Nandini Maheshwari / Jun 18 2012

The art of winemaking has always ranked as a rarefied pursuit for the high-end wine lovers. But, when owning vineyards is not enough, many super-rich celebrities have revealed their secret desire to learn the craft of winemaking someday; from Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp to Brad Pitt- all of them wants to be a winemaker; turns out brewing your own beer is way easier. But, if you have less time and more money in hand then forego the beer making community for this touchscreen professional microbrewery that will set you back $45,000! Brewmeister has scaled down the brewing system used in professional microbreweries for the beer enthusiasts to be used at home.

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