Bowling Arcade

Bowling Arcade

Nandini Maheshwari / Sep 1 2006

If you are crazy about bowling, but don't find enough time to play your favorite game at a bowling alley than instead of getting content with playing it on your mobile, add this Bowling Arcade to your game room. The arcade bowling game provides six different game challenges for up to four players and has a trackball that allows players to bowl down the virtual lane depicted on the video screen. The game is programmed to reflect true lane bowling, including ball spin and direction, and the initial oiled section of the lane to achieve that real-time experience virtually. The arcade machine is even equipped with a built-in jukebox. The bowling arcade comes for an ultra-expensive price tag of $6,999.95, but, than it's far cheaper than getting a personal bowling-alley built in your home.

Emperor 1510

The Emperor 1510 is a highly Stylish & Efficient Computer Work Environment for the Home or Office.

With the signature Emperor scorpion shape and outline, a highly stable steel structure, tilting capabilities, integrated audio system, LED lighting and much more, the Emperor 1510 is the future of high-end home and office computer work environments.

Sony projector

Sony projector VPL-VW 1000 ES launched at $25,000

Wrik Sen / Sep 12 2011

Sony seems to have upped its ante to provide the best in audio-visual equipment. In the segment of electronic video projectors, Sony now offers the VPL- VW 1000 ES model which gives a 4K resolution (4096 x 2160), that is incidentally 4 times higher than the Full High-Definition we now know. Even at such a rich and high resolution, the image size can go up to 200-inch without being distorted or pixelated.

1976 Apple 1 Computer

1976 Apple 1 Computer Sells for $640,000 at Auction Team Breker

Karanvir Singh / Dec 5 2012

Realized back in year 1976, the Apple 1 computer designed and developed by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in Silicon Valley was the very first ready-made personal computer which actually signaled a new age in which computing became accessible to masses. Originally rejected by Homebrew Computer Club when it first was presented by its makers, this ground-breaking and sensational 1st product of today's highest-valued company 'Apple', even after 32 years of its make, is breaking records at the auction blocks. Out of the 200 Apple I units ever produced, just 43 are thought to have survived, and of these only 6 are in operational order. Now, after one of the working Apple I unit, recently got sold for $374,500, a price double its estimate at the Sotheby’s sale in New York, another machine has now broken the auction records fetching a whopping $630,00 at auction Breker’s 24th November sale in Nov. 24th in Cologne, Germany.

$35,000 LCD Monitor

Eizo to debut $35,000 LCD Monitor and it doesn't have multiple screens!

Karanvir Singh / Apr 12 2012

We have earlier seen some of the bigger, better and expensive multi-screens including the Dz-Flex multi-screen monitor to engage gaming buffs at their desk, the CineMassive Trio Gemini 27D multi-monitor that looks more like a grid and the 9X Media multipanel LCD displays to expand your vision and to spread your horizon as much as you think. And, we understand why these multi-screens come at a hefty price. But, here we have a special case; a 4,096 x 2,160 LCD monitor from Eizo that will cost a whopping $35,000. The manufacturer Eizo, known for creating the world’s best visual display products for the discerning users will showcase this 4K display at the NAB 2012 from 14 to 19 April.

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